Thursday, March 19, 2020


Hey gang! James Maddox and I are bringing Dead Legends back to A Wave Blue world in 2021 with letters by Ryan Ferrier and with Joe Illidge steering the ship in the editorial department. Here's the article posted by Newsarama, with my new cover and  the pencils to the very first panel of issue 1.

Fresh off fall 2019's Dead Legends, writer James Maddox and artist Gavin Smith have signed on for a rematch - Dead Legends Vol. 2, coming in 2021 from A Wave Blue World.
"I believed in Dead Legends ever since I read the opening scene in the pitch," AWBW co-publisher Tyler Chin-Tanner told Newsarama. "But once the full book came together, it exceeded even my expectations. It quickly became clear that this would not be the last we saw of these characters."
This new volume returns to the vaunted Dead Legends martial arts tournanment with last year's protagonist, Yan Nakamara. Whereas previously Yan was there seeking revenge for the murder of her husband, she now returns to fight for a future where their daughter can grow up without the specter of retribution for her mother killing Tiger Clan's leader, Blind Tiger, in the first volume.

"We’ve pushed the boundaries on this new volume from every aspect," Maddox said of this sequel. "The fight scenes are more brutal, and world-building and character stakes have increased exponentially. Dead Legends fans are in for one hell of a ride."
As with the original volume, Dead Legends Vol. 2 will be released in a hybrid format as part of the publisher's Premiere Program. The first issue will be sold digitally and in print, while the remaining issues will be digital exclusives. A collection of the entire volume will them come two months after #1's release, available in print or digitally.

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