Gavin Smith is a freelance artist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He is the artist on the comic books "The Accelerators" and "All Superheroes Must Die". He has also illustrated a series of Motion Comics for AT&T, and in 2015 his work for INTERSIL won two separate Addy Awards. In 2012 created and self published his own comic book "Human City". He is also a 2011 graduate of the Joe Kubert School. 

Past Clients/Work include: AT&T, New World Videos, Blue Juice Comics, The Gutters/Blind Ferret Entertainment, The Sound Magazine, INTERSIL 

Bands and Record Labels: Vacation Club, The Kemps, Rodeo Ruby Love, Full Rainbow, Gloryhole Records, Flannelgraph Records, Hewhocorruptsinc., Grind Fist Entertainment,