Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Predator Commission

Predator commission that I threw some colors at. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Dead Legends coming soon

Dead Legends will be published through A Wave Blue World in 2019! More details soon-ish.

Written by James Maddox, Art and Colors by Gavin Smith, Letters by Ryan Ferrier.

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Okay gang. Lots of things are happening since I decided this needed updated. First off... James Maddox and I are launching a Kickstarter for Dead Legends starting September 7. 

Also Gregory Graves came out finally! Written by Dan Harmon and Eric Esquivel with art by Brent Schoonover and myself. Published by Starburns Industries. I pencilled like 33 pages and inked maybe 12 or 13 more? It's super good and I have a bunch of copies, so find me at a convention and grab one from me. 

Also, Brent and I teamed up once more with artist John Bivens for a story in the new Ghost in the Shell hardcover out September 18th (The day after my birthday!). We're all colored by the awesome Marissa Louise (Who is coloring me on Dead Legends!) Check out this dope cover by Dustin Nguyen, and a sample panel to feast your eyes on. 

James Maddox and I aren't sick of teaming up together either, as we will have an 8 page story in the All We Ever Wanted Anthology out later this year published by A Wave Blue World. Here's a page from that with colors by Nick Wentland. 

And last but not least... if you picked up Deadly Class #33 from Image Comics, you may have noticed I had a pin up in there! Here it is in print, and the final art. Thanks to Rick Remender and Wes Craig for an awesome series, and putting it into the book. 

What a year! At the moment I'm working on what seems like a million things. More Accelerators will be coming. I'll be working on Dead Legends, and a couple other things are in the works as well.. like my wedding! Here's my wedding invitation I drew.

Alright gang. Thanks a bunch... more updates as they come. See you at Wizard World Chicago!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Free Comic Book Day 2k18/Gregory Graves Preview!

Hey guys!

This year on free comic book day you can get Starburns Presents #1 that I worked on. The story was written by Dan Harmon (Creator of Rick and Morty) and Eric Esquivel, art by myself and Brent Schoonover with additional inks by Mark Stegbauer, and colored by Rebecca Nalty.

The FCBD issue will only feature a part of the Gregory Graves story we worked on and the backup will have a story written by Patton Oswalt! What?! That's crazy!

Anyway... the full issue of Gregory Graves will come out later this year, all through Starburns Industries. Hope ya dig it.

Here are some preview pages below... come see me at Comic Book University in Indianapolis on May 7th to get your FREE BOOKS SIGNED!

 FCBD Cover (Not sure who did that art for this one)
 Pencils and Inks by Gavin Smith, colors by Rebecca Nalty.
 Pencils and inks by Brent Schoonover, Colors by Rebecca Nalty.
  Pencils and inks by Brent Schoonover, Colors by Rebecca Nalty.
 Pencils by Gavin Smith, Inks by Mark Stegbauer, Colors by Rebecca Nalty.

 Pencils by Gavin Smith, Inks by Mark Stegbauer, Colors by Rebecca Nalty.

 Pencils by Gavin Smith, Inks by Mark Stegbauer, Colors by Rebecca Nalty.
Cover to Gregory Graves #1 by PJ Bond

Monday, November 20, 2017

New Project Teaser..

A couple of teaser pages of a project coming soon from James Maddox and myself. Stay tuned.

Pop Goes the Weasel!

Hey Gang! I think I need to update this more... so here ya go. I was recently asked to contribute to the digital anthology "Have You Any Fear" from Line Webtoon edited by Bekah Caden. I got to write and draw the whole thing. Such a pleasure working for Webtoon and I hope to do more with them in the future.

Here's a cover image and you can go to the link below

Friday, February 10, 2017

Yearly update

I'm really bad at updating this... Mostly because I've been busy!

Volume 3 of Accelerators went well and the TPB just came out in December, I'm working on the first issue of Volume 4 as I type this.

I also have another project coming out later this year that I collaborated on with the awesome Brent Schoonover (Artist for Marvel's Howling Commandos of SHIELD and Antman) Along with some other cool projects I'm lining up, as well as some convention appearances.

I'll be at Wizard World Portland for my first stop next week, and if you're in the area, you should come see me.

Here are some covers I never posted from the last couple runs of Accelerators to hold you over for now. I'll post new ones, as I'm allowed to show them. Pencils and Inks by me, and colors by the Scurvy ridden Tim Yates (Creator/Writer/Artist of Anne Bonnie for Blue Juice Comics)

 The Accelerators #8

 The Accelerators #11

 The Accelerators #12

 The Accelerators #13

The Accelerators #15