Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sketch up, Catch up, Ketchup

Here's a bunch of art I found on my computer. Some recent, some good... some bad. I figured I'd share it with you here. Some of this stuff is from Omega Sketch, some convention sketches, jobs, or just doodles for fun. I'll label appropriately. Most of it's for sale, so if you're interested in buying anything or getting a commission of your own, just get ahold of me. 

100 Bullets for Omega Sketch

Buzz Lightyear for Omega Sketch

Joan from Mad Men. 

Bruce Willis for Omega Sketch

Animal Man for Omega Sketch

Avengers for Omega Sketch

Childs Play for Omega Sketch

Frazetta Tribute for Omega Sketch

Gonzo for Omega Sketch

Joe Chill in Crime Alley for Omega Sketch

Roger Sterling from Mad Men for Omega Sketch

Rocketeer for Omega Sketch

Waluigi for Omega Sketch

Red Skull Commission at Summit City Comic Con

Batman blown up and inked for a print

Swamp Thing for Omega Sketch

Skullkickers Submission Page 1

Skullkickers Submission page 2

Spawn Sketch at Summit City Comic Con

Hulk Commission at Pittsburgh Comic Con

Portrait Commission at Motor City Comic Con

Einstein as Captain America Commission at Motor City Comic Con

Spider-Man Sketch Cover Commission at Gem City Comic Con

Blue Lantern take home commission from C2E2

Wolverine/Sentinel Commission from Summit City Comic Con

Wolverine sketch cover commission from Gem City Comic Con

Animal Man commission from C2E2

Bored at work sketch of J-Tro from the FP

Stuart Sayger and I outside of G-Mart Comics where I debuted Human City

Naruto 9 Tails Commission at Gem City Comic Con

Human City Commission at C2E2

Drawing on my table at C2E2

Poison Ivy Commission at C2E2

Hotel sketching during Motor City Comic Con

Captain America Commission at Gem City Comic Con

Hulk Commission at Motor City Comic Con

Iron Fist on AVX Sketch Cover for the Inkwell Awards at Pittsburgh Comic Con

Pulp Fiction commission during C2E2

Well... I guess that's all I can find for now. I'm sure there's more floating around on that crazy internet or whatever. If I find enough to do another blogpost like this, you'll see it here. Otherwise I'm going to start updating more frequently.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Model Student

A Pin up done for friend, fellow Kubie, and Omega Sketcher, Joe Bowen. Joe has an awesome webcomic called Model Student that you should all check out. 

Here's a pin-up he did for me that will be in Human City #2!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Gutters

Here's my piece I did for The Gutters recently. I was asked to do an imitation of a Zenescope cover and they were going to take the joke from there. Also I drew a pair of boobs separately, but I can't seem to find that on my computer at the moment. I like how the colorist (Ed Ryzowski) nailed that Zenescope house style of coloring and added some cool textures in there as well.

Go see it for realsies here: http://the-gutters.com/comic/286-gavin-smith