Friday, February 10, 2017

Yearly update

I'm really bad at updating this... Mostly because I've been busy!

Volume 3 of Accelerators went well and the TPB just came out in December, I'm working on the first issue of Volume 4 as I type this.

I also have another project coming out later this year that I collaborated on with the awesome Brent Schoonover (Artist for Marvel's Howling Commandos of SHIELD and Antman) Along with some other cool projects I'm lining up, as well as some convention appearances.

I'll be at Wizard World Portland for my first stop next week, and if you're in the area, you should come see me.

Here are some covers I never posted from the last couple runs of Accelerators to hold you over for now. I'll post new ones, as I'm allowed to show them. Pencils and Inks by me, and colors by the Scurvy ridden Tim Yates (Creator/Writer/Artist of Anne Bonnie for Blue Juice Comics)

 The Accelerators #8

 The Accelerators #11

 The Accelerators #12

 The Accelerators #13

The Accelerators #15

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